Honey has a boyfriend, but what she thought she knew about him was masked by his charm. Honey also has a dark family secret, but if she ever told anyone it could be the cause of her death. Although Honey had most of the things that a woman desire: a great job, a promising relationship and a positive outlook on life, the ailments of her past would soon be revealed. With a photo rapist on the prowl and an ex-boyfriend who refuses to walk away, Honey is confronted by the reality of how she is connected to the likes of them both.There are some things that can't be diluted. There are some people who refuse to be broken. When secrets, betrayal and lust are the concoction, the outcome could be deadly. If you think that Honey Jenkins blood runs too thin to handle all three of those elements, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, you will soon find out that Honey is thicker than water.