“I should have listened to my mama.& Those were words I said to myself time after during my relationship with Tedrick “Teddy& Porter. I was that ride-or-die thinking my loyalty would be reciprocated eventually, but I never got a return on my investment. After two years of upsets and let downs, he crossed the point of no return, giving my mama a reason to say “I told you so.& After being disrespected for so long, I had to get my grown woman on and say goodbye to the first love I ever knew. Its funny how it takes a small tragedy to make everything else fall in place. After getting over one heartbreak, I decided to switch up my ways, becoming the woman I shouldve been all along... And I can only thank my new boo Spade for that. By turning me into Gucci Red, I dont think even HE knew what he had done. He had his secrets too, but at least I could live with them. As life takes me on a rollercoaster of love and hate, I do things I never would have done without my transformation... I cant wait to come for everything they said I couldnt have and more.Who am I you ask? My name is Grenada, but I always went by Gucci because my daddy instilled in me that I was top-notch. Follow me as I cruise you through my city and let you know how it all went down in Louisville.