Tristan Wesley thought he put his street past behind him. He had finally made it to the NBA with Cameron by his side. When she begins to scheme and plot behind his back, he drops her like a bad habit. She doesnt take the news very well. She also doesnt like the fact that Tristan moved on to another woman. Terae has Tristans best interest at heart. She stays by his side no matter what. Terae becomes a target of Camerons jealousy quickly and someone has to stop her.Tristan trusts his cousin Jay like no other. Jay joins Cameron in her quest to bring the successful couple down and he betrays his own cousin in the worst way. When the scheming backfires, someone will come out on top. After all the betrayal, who will be the one to unweave the basket of lies? Will Tristan lose everything to the street life? We will know very soon.