WARNING: Explicit Lesbian Erotica inside. Use discretion when reading.Kinks: Asian MILF, Interracial Asian White Lesbians, First Time Lesbian With Older Woman, Thigh-highs, Taboo Relationships, Mommy Issues, Minor Foodplay ---My name is Natalie Kavanagh, and I am deeply in love. David Kim is sweet, good looking, and funny. Hes also respected the fact that I had turned nineteen a month ago, and that I still didn't feel ready for sex.Now, I wasnt purposely putting it off and waiting for marriage, nor was I under the delusion that I needed to have my first time with someone special whom I loved, (David seemed like just the guy though), but I just wanted to take thing slow. If I had to be honest with myself, I was just a little shy and insecure. Id been bullied and isolated in middle school and high school, as well as domestically abused by my own single mother. Luckily enough, I had the best guy in the world by my side, and he was more than understanding.Wed been dating since the first month of NYU, and we were going well into eighteen months at this point. It was time to meet his single mother, Mrs. Kim in private. Mrs. Kim happened to be an esteemed professor at our school, and I'd only gotten to see her public lecturing persona. Naturally, I was nervous when meeting her.Mrs. Kim...well, she turned out to be the absolute best.I had adored Davids mother, Grace Kim, from the first day Id met her. With her tall, slender body and womanly grace (pun unintended), wit that even a doctoral degree in English literature couldnt do justice to, and lovely, charming personality, she was the very picture of the woman Id always admired. Mrs. Kim had taken like a true mother to me once she knew David and I were dating. She'd shown me me the various affections that my own mother had never given me. She picked out beautiful clothes for me that fit me like a glove, and took me out to do girly things like getting pedicures and haircuts while talking about the difficult things in my life Things did start getting weird though when we were both getting massages, naked as the day we were born, and she began to get all touchy feely. She began to comment about how Id won the lottery with large, firm breasts on a petite body and innocuously asked me if her boobs were sagging. I'd been flustered when she'd guided me to her, letting me test to see if they still felt firm to the touch.The problem? I had been confused at the time, but I knew deep down that I really didnt want to stop. I couldnt help but pay more attention to her assets in the coming days than I thought I would.Everything came to a heel when she dressed me up in her sexy thigh-high silk stockings for dinner, and began to tease me sexually as my boyfriend went out for an errand. I didn't resist at all to her advances. In fact, I reciprocated strongly to her surprise, finally realizing that she'd awakened feelings in me that I'd never known were there before.