“Anthony and Asia: A Thug Romance 2& by M. Skye is the second installment of the Anthony and Asia series. This urban love story catapults you into the lives of two young people, Anthony Brodanax and Asia Hawkins, as they try to overcome their pasts and carve out a future for themselves. M. Skye captivates your attention with her story-telling that definitely keeps you turning the pages. Dive into this world where temptation, secrets, family, and love are at the forefront. *****Anthony and Asia 2: A Thug Romance by M. SkyeEverything was set to go for up and coming African American basketball star, Anthony Brodanax. He was about to step into his dream when he accepted a full ride scholarship to the University of Kentucky. However, things quickly turned upside down and inside out when Anthonys world collided with his high school crush, Asia Hawkins. On one energetic night, passion exploded, and sparks flew making leaving for school much harder than Anthony initially thought. Upon returning home with his friend Chi in tow, Anthony and Asia reunite and fall deeply in love faster than they both were ready for. However, secrets have a way of resurfacing at the most inopportune time. As skeletons, that were once hidden so deep now start to rise to the surface, will Anthony and Asias young love have the strength to survive the storm thats heading directly for them? Anthonys basketball scholarship was his ticket away from the streets and the temptation of working for his brother Jamions operation. However, when trouble comes to his front door, Anthonys life and future are put in jeopardy when a shooting nearly claims the lives of everyone he holds dear. In the face of an impossible situation, Anthony has no choice but to pick a side: either survival of the fittest or going down without a fight. Will the decision he makes cost him his life or will it give him the strength he needs to protect those he loves? Family is supposed to be about love, supporting, and encouraging each other. But what happens when family is your own worst enemy? Asia and her sisters lives are blown to smithereens after family secrets are revealed. After taking a trip to Columbia, the sisters discover that everything they held as true is not what it seems, and the people they love could be more dangerous than any stranger. How will the sisters deal with the newly discovered information? Family secrets are no longer secret. Lives are at stake. Relationships are in jeopardy. Will anybody be ready for the hell storms that is about to light up their world? Find out the answers in M. Skyes Anthony and Asia 2: A Thug Romance, where the past meets the present and collide full speed with the future. In this urban fiction book, M. Skye creates a dramatic yet inspiring vibe that invites you into each characters life and to feel what theyre feeling. Experience each situation from their point of view. Although fictional, the unique storyline and deep character development feeds off of real life situations, allowing Anthony and Asias story to be relatable, dramatic, and inspiring.