Love is patient& Love is kind& And it sometimes has the ability to make you lose your mind!Zoe Daniels is a high school teacher, who is recovering from a devastating breakup with a cheating ex. One night when Zoe's cousin invites her out to stop moping, live a little, and have some fun; fate steps in with both feet and offers up a remedy. West Jameson is a typical ladies man, who is out for a good time, has no clue what it means to be in a relationship or in love. But one memorable one night stand, for both good and bad reasons, sends Zoe and West down a spiraling path neither one of them has anticipated.Take this journey with these two as they discover that love isn't always easy but it's worth it. Chances are never given, they're taken...& sometimes love happens purely...By Chance>> Note: This book is a standalone and the first book in a 3 book series <<