A Clean Regency Christmas RomanceWhen Miss Cavendish mistakes a Christmas Eve visitor to the orphanage for the volunteer who promised to assist her, little does she realize the man she has put to gritty labor is the high-born Earl of Ipswich. This unusual eve has revelations in store that neither she nor Earl Crampton could ever have imagined... Stuck with taking care of seven sick children over the Christmas period, young and beautiful June Cavendish isnt looking forward to much. Then on Christmas Eve, a man comes to the orphanage and she mistakes him to be the volunteer who is supposed to assist with some manual labour. June puts him straight to work, not knowing that he is the Earl of Ipswich. Earl Errol Crampton has never received orders from anyone in his adult life, being the one who usually gives them. When he is mistaken for a volunteer at a childrens orphanage in London, he goes along with it to see how far things will go, and ends up discovering his destiny in the most unlikely place. Read this delightful Regency Christmas Romance today.